Adult Psychotherapy

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I begin therapy with a comprehensive evaluation and collaborative goal setting. Treatment is then tailored to the individual and altered based on feedback and progress. Common difficulties/disorders treated include: stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD, psychosis, minority stress, interpersonal difficulties, and dissatisfaction with work.

CHild and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Similarly, treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual child, teenager, and/or family. With younger children, I tend to work extensively with caregivers in addition to the child, as modifying the environment is often extremely important for facilitating change. Older kids and teenagers often benefit from a confidential outlet, one where they can share their thoughts and feelings without judgment, in addition to learning coping skills to help with regulating and expressing emotions. Common difficulties/disorders treated include: behavioral problems, executive functioning difficulties, anxiety, depression, impulsive behaviors, and lack of motivation.

I am available to provide clinical trainings on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: CBT, diagnostic assessment, and assessing and treating psychosis. I am also available to speak to non-mental health providers on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: managing stress, incorporating mindfulness in daily life, and accessing mental health care.

Trainings and Presentations